Approximately about 1 hour left at the time I am writing this post, FFXIV open beta will start. Everyone can join in and all you need to do is register on Square Enix site, download FFXIV client , update patches, grab FFXIV open beta registration code and play. Regardless you were on alpha/closed beta or not, you can join.

Note that open beta was supposed to start yesterday, however, due to critical error, Square-Enix had to postpone to today. Thankfully it’s only one day delay because yesterday, they announced that open beta was postponed. Not a great move by Square-Enix postponing open beta especially with bad press all around internet concerning alpha/closed beta and the rumoured fatigue system. I guess they probably forgot to remove the fatigue system ^^;;.

I believe this is a great opportunity for not only those who have been looking forward to play it but also those who were skeptical about getting FFXIV due to bad first impressions from alpha/closed beta tester. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion so the best way to check if FFXIV is a game you should look forward is to get yourself involved in this open beta. provides a simple and straightforward guideline on how to get you going and they even have the patches uploaded on Megaupload and other file sharing sites. If you are trying to get updated patches from FFXIV official client, I have to say good luck with that as it’s really slow ^^;;, thus, it’s better if you use utorrent or any other torrent client.

Don’t forget to watch the latest FFXIV Prerelease Official Trailer (North American version but I think all regions have the same trailer). It really kicks @$$.