Chapter Summary

Third day of the Shirou moon, in a Holy City Rabona, soon after Dietrich, current #8 Claymore, tells her intent to follow Denieve and Helen to the West, a rogue warrior known as “Phantom” silently slashes down her ally. Not even Galatea, the former #3 warrior, can prevent her. Phantom Miria is ready herself  for her original main goal, to destroy the organization. Wearing her original claymore warrior armor, she sets on a journey to cut down the organization.

Meanwhile, the injured ally, Tabitha, finally awakened from her consciousness. Miria cut her down enough just enough to paralyze her and rendered her incapacitated. Upon her awakened, she was wondering why Miria attacked her. Galatea is kind enough to explain it to her. Since receiving Dietrich’s report, Miria has two options of either going east or west. The organization is currently lacking of warrior and vulnerable since Alicia and Beth are currently away in the west with rest of our main protagonist; Miria thought there’s no better chance than what she has right now to destroy the organization. Unlike her followers, her resolve is truly absolute and her only true goal is to destroy the organization. The time when they all swore that they would join together to destroy the organization, only Miria realized back then that they would have to kill fellow Claymores and humans. Being a good leader, she knows that others might not have the same resolve as her about killing fellow Claymores and humans.

Miria, the former #6, is no longer an even match for the remaining Claymores at the organization’s headquarters. She’s so strong that she can defeat her fellow Claymores without killing them. The current #3 and #5 are merely a child play for Miria. Unknowingly, the organization has something else under their sleeve. Twins warriors appear before Miria. One of them turns into an awakened and the other one controls the awakened being just like Alicia and Beth.


I am glad that Miria got some actions since it’s been a while since I saw her since all our attention was focused on what happened in the west side with Clare and cs, Priscilla and others.  The two warriors surely give Miria some trouble but I don’t think it’s something that she cannot handle since she took down #3 and #5 quite easily. Not to mention that those warriors are pretty new and barely have any real world experience, thus, it’s safe to say that those two are still green. I wonder what the organization has in store for her since those two are not their trump card. I bet it has something to do with Raki since we haven’t seen Raki for a while. If my memory serves me correctly, Raki got hit by those spears from the Destroyer and managed to survive. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Any other thoughts ?