Summer Anime 2010 quest shall be continued with another series called Shukufuku No Campanella. This anime poses a lot of questions when I was watching it as I couldn’t predict what the anime is all about.

Shukufuku No Campanella
Some random girl at the start of the series.

One time, it looks like Aria series; it’s all about slice of life. On some other time, it also looks like something along the lines of Tales series/Ragnarok Online/ Star Ocean which is an advanture type.

Shukufuku No Campanella

Thus, my opinion somewhat lies in the middle because I find that slice of life anime like Aria (Aria’s fans, please don’t hate me ^^;; ) is boring and I do enjoy adventurous like anime like Tales series for example even though they are not the greatest anime out there.

Shukufuku No Campanella
Leicester Maycraft and Carina Veritti are some of the protagonists in this series. Carina is overly obsessed with Leicester

The anime starts with introducing each characters with fancy name tags/boards which I found them unnecessary. Carina, one of the main protagonist, is obsessed Leicester and he lets her touching his hand so that she can be the first person who touches his hand for that day. This is really weird me out >_<.

Shukufuku No Campanella
This view really reminds you of Aria, doesn't it ?

The rest of the episode basically is about bunch of friends hang out together ad have fun. That night they have a plan to watch a meteor shower on the roof top of a cathedral. Based on the first episode, don’t expect too much from this series, chance is you will be disappointed.

Shukufuku No Campanella
Oasis adventurers clan where Leicester works as an item technician

Animation wise, it’s high quality and top notch as expected from an anime taken from an eroge. Each character is very well-drawn and the backgrounds are details. If you need a reason to keep watching this anime, animation is your answer. It kept me finishing the first episode ^^;; and for some weird reasons, there is no panty shots or ecchi scenes in this episode.

Shukufuku No Campanella
Agnes Boulange, a puppeteer, who later becomes friends the rest of the gang at Oasis adventurers clan

Additional tidbits:

Opening theme
“Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku (シアワセは月より高く)” by Aki Misato
Ending theme
“Mirai Kaikisen (未来回帰線)” by Miyuki Hashimoto
Official website 祝福のカンパネラ | マーベラスエンターテイメント
Animation Production AIC
Notable Seiyuus Kaori Mizusashi (Ai in Aria series, Chika in Genshiken, Yuuno in Nanoha series) as Agnes Boulange

Mai Kadowaki (Sanya in Strike Witches, Illyasviel in Fate/Stay Night) as Minette

Nobuhiko Okamoto (Ikki in Air Gear, Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Luke in Sacred Blacksmith, Kashino in Yumeiro Patissiere) as Leicester Maycraft

Character Design Mariko Fujita (Galaxy Angel, Kampfer, Rosario + Vampire )
Episodes 13
Shukufuku No Campanella
Shelley is a Leicester mother. It's already a sin to have a mother this young ^^:;


Rating: 5/10

Source: ANN

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