My wallet is getting thinner and thinner these days, more preorders left and right. October this year, I may need to file for bankruptcy since they are quite a few figures released on that month. The next month after, November, another high profile figure is being released which is no other than Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds- (Nanoha The Movie 1st edition).

Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
She is just gorgeous. I just love her hair and jacket as if she's flying in the air
Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
Another look from the the inside part of her jacket. Nice dark reddish colour and it's really shinny too ^^
Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
She has a few Bardiche form to pair with so figure photographers can expect many poses from her ^^
Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
It looks like that she will take a lot of space on your figure shelves ^^:;
Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
Usefull stand to hang the Bardiche while they are not being used.

Additional tidbits

Manufacturer Alter
Scale 1/7
Released Date November 2010
Retail Price ~11,800 (some online retailers offer discount)
Currently available for preorder Hobby Search

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