Being away from home for three weeks, I am really behind with figures pre-orders and releases. I went through Hobby Search site for pre-order list and found this Saber nendoroid for pre-order for 3,810 yen. It’s slightly more expensive than normal nendoroid but it’s Saber ^^.

This nendoroid has an interesting base and stand. The stand is similar to what is used in figma and I guess that’s what makes it slightly more expensive than other nendoroids.

This nendoroid includes three types of face and one of them is the tantrum face. It made chuckle a bit when I saw this and her eyes remind of the face of Saber Lion nendoroid.

In addition, the packaging also includes her sword Excalibur, Caliburn and “Invisible Air” version so there are quite a few parts to play around with.

Another face that comes with the packaging is a smiley face as seen above.

Above is the angry face that also comes with the packaging.

Not only that you will get Excalibur and Caliburn, you will also get her Scabbard (Noble Phantasm : Avalon).

From what I  can see that the price seems to be justified with the amount parts you got and not mention the figma-stand alike so you can have her doing a lot of poses. She is available for pre-order from Hobby Search, HLJ, Play-asia, Toylet, Jlist.