Continuing from previous chapter, Clare was on the verge of her death as she lost her arms and legs. After saying her last words, she was totally consumed by the huge clump of youki. Helenn and Deneve didn’t have much time to be sad and grieving as Priscilla appears in front of them. The game of cat and mouse finally comes to an end.

Priscilla had not realized that Clare was already dead and she was wondering where Clare was. Helenn and Deneve realized that their time were almost up and their death wouldn’t be far too long from Clare’s. Helenn launched a desperate attack on Priscilla which was easilly parried and countered by Priscilla. Deneve followed right after and tried to attack from behind, however, she didn’t have a chance to land anything on her as Deneve already was attacked by multiple tentacles from Priscilla.

Priscilla got both Helenn and Deneve immobilized then she asked where Clare was. Helenn couldn’t help but shed her tears and mumbled if only Priscilla didn’t exist in the first place. After that, Deneve mentioned that Clare was already dead and Priscilla was surprised. Priscilla couldn’t believe it then she attacked Deneve again while murmuring why she died so easily and the purpose of her coming so far.

Out of nowhere. that black shadow existence that swallowed up Clare pierced through Priscilla’s body. Surprisingly none of those attacks hit Helenn and Deneve. Helenn certainly didn’t miss out this chance to save Deneve and Priscilla was not about to let this happen. As Helenn was about to get hit, Priscilla got attacked some more from that black shadow existence.

Meanwhile, Uma and Cynthia observed that huge clump of youki kept spreading larger and larger from above the cliff. Cynthia could feel Helenn and Deneve’s youki inside that huge clump of youki. Dietrich appeared from behind and she intended to save both Helenn and Deneve since she owed her life to both. In addition, she mentioned that debt must be paid. Yuma told her to stay back as she doubted that Dietrich could do much with that kind of injuries from previous fights but Dietrich ignored Yuma’s advice and jumped down. Cynthia felt like they needed to watch it to the end so she asked Yuma to follow Dietrich.

Back to inside clump of youki, Deneve and Helenn, Helenn kept on running while carrying Deneve. Priscilla was getting antsy after being attacked numerous times and with one sweep, she destroyed all the clumps around her. The clump of youkie was an appropriate replacement since Clare was dead already. She was getting ready to unleash her full power.

After running for a while, Helenn managed to bring Deneve to a safe place. Deneve used this time to recover her arm but she was almost running of her youki, thus, she was on the verge of being awakened. Fortunately, Yuma arrived right on time and managed to calm Deneve’s youki, meanwhile, Dietrich checked the surrounding area. Even though it’s safe, she suggested to keep running away from huge clump of youki.

Seeing Clare was not with them, Yuma inquired Deneve and Helen about where Clare was. Before they had a chance to answer, Cynthia mentioned that she could feel Clare’s youkie inside that huge clump of youki. Clare’s final word to Deneve was that she must stop that huge clump of youki. Apparently after Clare realized that she had no chance against Priscilla, she decided to become one with the huge clump of youki in order to exact her revenge and save her friends.

Is Claymore manga nearing the end since the main character, Clare, died ? Unless, there’s some miracles in future chapters that brings back Clare, I can see that Claymore manga is heading toward the finish line.