My figure wall shelves that I bought from IKEA fell down couple days ago. 2 of my figures become a victim and part of the figures broke -_-;;. Those two are Queen’s Gate Alice and Asa Shigure. Queen’s Gate Alice is one of my rare figure since it’s hard to get another one with reasonable price, on the other hand,  Asa Shigure is my favourite character from Shuffle!


For Alice, her tail broke , since she fell from quite a height and fortunately, her tail is the only thing that’s broken.


Does anyone have experiences in fixing broken figures ? I am thinking to glue them back together but highly doubt she will ever look the same as before.


I had 2 shelves in my living room and put them above my tv. Luckily enough, my tv is not close to the wall so there’s some space between the wall and the tv, hence why, the two fallen shelves didn’t hit my TV. Otherwise, I am so gonna very cry if my tv breaks since I spend most of my time in my living room, in front of my tv.


The top shelf fell down first and it hit the bottom shelf. Even though the two weren’t that far apart , but, the force was enough to cause the bottom shelf to fall down also 😦


My guess was that the bolts are not long enough to support the weight of the shelf and not to mention, the wall is not exactly made from bricks -_-;;. I only put 4 figures per shelf so all of them shouldn’t be that heavy.



For Asa Shigure, her was detached from her hand -_-. I like this figure a lot since she is my favourite character in Shuffle! and I did a nice out door photoshoot last year with her.


She may be easier to fix than Alice but you never know since I have no idea where to start other than buying a glue.


Anyone knows what kind of glue/tools should I use ? what brand  and where to get it (in Toronto, Canada) ?


If anyone has any tips and tricks on how to fix broken figures, please let me know >.<


Buying another Asa figure is not really an option since she is most likely out of stock everywhere and even if she is in stock, she is probably overpriced.


Does any of your figures break ? how did it happen ? did you buy a new one or did you attempt to fix it ?