An overdue post about March Toronto Anime Convention which was happening on March 20-21, 2010. It was held by the same people who held annual Fan Expo on August and December Toronto Anime Convention (DTAC).


MTAC, DTAC and Fan Expo are always held at Metro Toronto Convention Center at Front Street West.


As I arrived at the location of MTAC, I was greeted by fellow otaku cosplayed as Kinoshita Hideyoshi. He is no other than Rin from Awesome cosplay ^^b. It’s nicely done.


Since it’s a small convention, there weren’t many cosplayers that caught my eyes, however, there’s no way I would miss C.C.


Saw this another nice cosplay of Yuna from FFX-2 and Link.


One of my favourite cosplay during MTAC 2010. The guy from Left 4 Dead game. Does anyone L4D or L4D 2 ?

mtac_2010_07Crowds at March Toronto Anime Convention 2010

mtac_2010_08Taokaka from BlazBlue game. Very nice cosplay.


Rin owned everyone in “Anime that tune” (well not really, since the girl beside him was only 4 points behind), although, he couldn’t remember the ED of King of Bandit, Jing.


Another round of “Anime that Tune” game. Bridget decided to participate but the guy in the middle won.


Final round, the girl in the middle knows a lot so no surprise that she won this round.


My favourite Allen from D.Gray-man cosplayer that I always see in most anime conventions around Toronto. I saw him last year at MTAC 2009.


Megurine Luka from Vocaloid. I saw her at Anime North last year and her cosplay is always great.


Dealer room is always crowded. When’s ever not crowded anyways ^^?


Lacus Clyne in kimono. So kawaii….. ^^


It wouldn’t be anime convention without Chii from Chobits ^^, would it ?


Double Kinoshita Hideyoshi? Which one is the real one ?


Name this character ^^:;. I don’t play enough Zelda games >.<


Name these characters. I have no idea which series they are from. Beatrice and Battler Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (Credit to Katakara).


MTAC and DTAC are always a small convention but it’s always a great reason to cosplay for those who enjoys cosplaying and for me, I was just glad that I was finally able to go out of my place and not working. Working for 3 straight weekends was very tiring and not to mentioned homeworks and quizzes so it was a great way to relax and refresh my self up.