01 Claymore chapter 102 has come upon us. Scanlation was slightly late than usual on onemanga.com but rest assured, it’s here and everyone is happy ^^. Continuing from previous chapter, Dietrich appears before Cynthia and Uma. Even though she was a single digit warrior, I was thinking that she would not be much help fighting those opponents since they are just too many of them.


Well…. being a smart girl that she is, she brings the whole troop of Abyssal Eaters along with her unexpectedly.


They both seem to be evenly match at first but Abyssal Eaters have the upper hand later on from the look of it. Theirs’ regeneration ability is second to none in my opinion which gives them an advantage in this major brawl.


Despite losing its lower body parts, it can still regenerate as if it was nothing. Who would have though that abyssal eaters turned out to be useful. It’s mystery how Dietrich managed to lure them here because she said that they lost track of a scent and these abyssal eaters don’t differentiate between friends and foes. They just destroy everything on their path. So anyone has theory how she managed to lure them ?


In addition, abyssal eaters are immune to parasites and they cannot be taken over by those spears.


Abyssal eaters ignore those spears embedded on their body and keep eating since their consciousness was taken away from them and they are free to eat anything they want. In a sense, they only have an intense hunger for the target. How did Dietrich manage to remove their consciousness ? It would not be an easy task considering abyssal eaters are just some wild animals and she mentioned that she got demoted because she failed her last mission so I highly doubt that the organization gave her the ability to control these abyssal eaters.


Removing their consciousness disables  the limiter in place on the abyssal eaters. Having a consciousness apparently is a weakness.


Meanwhile, Deneve still desperately tries to escape from Priscilla since all those spears don’t seem to slow her down. She has no choice other than to give Claire to Helen so she concentrates on Priscilla. Winning is not an option here so best she can do is to slow her down and let Clare and Helen escape.


Taking advantage of the Destroyer’s creatures, she slashes them in attempt to slow Priscilla down with those spears but resistance is futile.


Priscilla goes ahead and nothing is stopping her.


Deneve and Helen argue with each other as Helen refuses to run away with Clare as she would rather die together with Deneve than running away.


When all hope seems to fade away, unexpected reinforcement comes at right moment to aid Deneve and Helen. It was not exactly a reinforcement since it’s just Dauff going berserk at Priscilla since she killed Riful


Dauff keeps pounding on Riful in attempt to release him for his grieve of losing Riful.


Priscilla does not stay quiet for long. With one swing, Dauff right arm tears apart.



It’s been a while since she saw Priscilla awakened form (since her fight with Teresa I believe). She is pissed since everyone is getting on her way. I should be interesting to see the full power of awakened Priscilla.



To be honest, I didn’t expect that Abyssal eaters would come to help since when I saw Dietrich in the last chapter, I was expecting those three would run away and somehow managed to survive with the help Dietrich. Now with the help of Abyssal eaters, they are just waiting until those two groups are done fighting then just cleans whatever left over. One point still remains a mystery on how Dietrich manages to control those Abyssal eaters and removes the limiter.

Meanwhile, we may finally be to see the full extend of Priscilla’s strength in the next chapter since throughout the story, she rarely appears in her awakened form. On the other hand, Clare, Deneve and Helen’s chance to survive is going down a hill.

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