01Here comes Claymore chapter 101 : Wedge after a month of waiting. Continuing from previous chapter, Clare’s final trump card seems to have failed her and I doubt she has more backup plans. Awakened = #fail.


After her first fail attempt, she attempts another awakened form starting with her legs then her extended arms.


As she was about to attack Priscilla, her awakened form reverted back for no reasons.


In my previous chapter summary, I thought that Rafaela’s power stopped Clare’s awakened form, however, as strong as Priscilla is, she does not have that kind of power. Although it would be terrifying to see if she does actually have that kind of power; she reverts her opponents’ awakened form and kill them.


Even Clare has not realized it yet that she is no longer capable to awaken herself because she puts a restriction herself unconsciously after she accidentally got awakened during the battle of the North seven years ago and she was put back to normal by the help of Jean.

13Clare is very lucky to have some loyal comrades and trusted friends. Despite her idiotic or careless behaviour of attacking Priscilla without second thought, Deneve and Helen still plan to rescue her.


Priscilla’s destroying her easily; kicking her left and right without much effort. I wonder why she would not just kill Clare right away instead of toying and wasting time with her. I guess she’s still looking for an answer as of why she follows Clare’s scent.


Taking advantages of the spears unleashed by Rafaela-Luciela combination, Deneve grabs Clare and runs away as fast as possible.

22Meanwhile, Uma and Cynthia seems to have survived. It’s been a while since we heard anything about what happened to Uma and Cynthia.


Surprisingly, Cynthia is still alive after losing half of her body; props to Uma for having to be able to synchronize with Cynthia and heal her. Cynthia is not able to move yet, meanwhile, Uma is still recovering her youki. Despite all of those, Uma is under attack.


At the last minute as Uma’s about to be killed, Dietrich appears out of no where.



I feel like the fight against Priscilla and Luciela-Rafaela combination is kinda dragging since the author just shows couple small fights, meanwhile, I am expecting full and all out fights against Priscilla and Luciela-Rafaela. Am I the only who thinks that way or do you guys , Claymore fans out there, feel the same way?. In addition, I want to see more actions from Myria/Uma/Cynthia. I wish the author shows us how Uma healed Cynthia instead of skipping the whole scenes.

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