When: March 13th 2010, Saturday.
Time: 11AM ~ 5:30PM.
Sign in: 10AM~10:45AM
Location: Bond Place Hotel.

Who: ACG fans, otakus/otomes.
Age: 16 ~26
Cosplay: Encouraged (receive bonus points towards winning a prize)
Bonus: Lots of prizes to be won.
ACG NA VIP Membership Cards for sale & pick up.

ACG NA is organizing a social event for Otaku and Otomes on March 13th. We are looking for people between the age of 16~26 with strong interest in A,C,G and wishes to meet other people of the same interest and make some friends and win awesome prizes!

Participants will be divided into different groups/pairs through out the day to take part in collaborative activities, mini contests, challenges, and score points toward the end of the day to win prizes. Cosplayers receive bonus points at start up, also, candidates are encouraged to do performance (ie, dance, sing) on stage for additional bonus points. On top of that, ACG NA VIP Members get bonus points as well.

There will be many photographers, videographer, and make-up on site. The event will be recorded and made into a Reality TV-like production.

Participants MUST pre-register and purchase ticket before February 26th.
Female participants receive $5 cash back on the day of event.

Everyone who purchases tickets online before Feb 26th will receive complementary food and beverage plus a special 25% off coupon for staying at Bond Place Hotel! Tickets are limited!

Dos and Don’ts for Participants:

• Cosplay! You can come in costume or change while there.
• Make sure your costume is comfortable to wear and move around in.
• Put on make up and smile for camera.
• Eat breakfast!
• Wear masks or a costume that covers up your face.
• Bring any weapon of any kind!
• Wear high-heels

Updates (Feb 16, 2010)

  1. Age cap removed.
  2. Discounted Early Bird tickets on sale ($10 off) until Feb 23rd, and girls still get $5 cash-back at the door.
  3. Cash drop off can be arranged (before Feb 26th) if you receive a lot of feed back about paying cash.