I preordered Saber -Triumphant Excalibur- back in January when it’s just started for 8,867 yen ,however, since HobbySearch is having a sale right now, the price actually goes down by 934 yen which is pretty nice 🙂 so I pre-ordered another one and canceled my previous pre-order ^^.


The first thing about this figure that captivated my eyes was her pose and as you may have noticed, this is her pose as she is about to release Excalibur (エクスカリバ) : Sword of Promised Victory (約束された勝利の剣) which is one of her Noble Phantasm.


She was given 2 swords in this figure released. Her other sword represents her invisible sword since the sword is clear (you can see through it) and it represents her sorcery: Invisible Air (インビジブル・エア) : Barrier of the Wind King (風王結界).


I like how her battle dress/armor was sculptured as if a gust of wind blows her


I approved her face ^^


The base is quite nice but I feel that the Fate Stay / Night logo is unnecessary. It looks great with all that burn marks even without the logo.


It’s currently on sale on Hobby Search for 7,993 yen so pre-order it while you can ^^.


My other preorder is Asakura Nemu 1/8 by Circus. I never have a figure by Circus. Does anyone know their quality ? From the photos, she looks great and her face is pretty close to what the original is. Not to mention, she is my favourite character from Da Capo (pffttt Kotori ;p) . It was an instant buy for me since I saw her at Wonfes 2010. She is just one of those figures that I MUST get.


For me, dynamic pose of a figure easily captivates my eyes. Her pose may not be as good as Saber -Triumphant Excalibur-, however, as a school girl, her pose looks perfect.



Ohhhhh, she is castoff able. Too bad she only wears a plain bra/pantsu ^^:;.


Looking her back, her body seems too slim/thin or is it just my imagination ?


She is currently also on sale at Hobby Search for 7,480 yen. The price tag may seem little bit expensive but I rarely see any D.C. figures so I think it’s well worth it.


Does anyone have these figures pre-ordered ? I am really excited about this Asakura Nemu figure.