2 greatest loots (arguably of course) arrive on January and February consecutively and both of them are probably my two most expensive loots of this year.

Nanoha Takamachi Exceed Mode 1/7 by Alter

I just picked up my Nanoha at the post office tonight and was quite shocked with the custom fee. I was charged CAD$37 which is higher than usual because it’s usually around CAD$25. Nanoha and Fate are almost at the same price so I would expect ~$25 custom fee. I guess it all depends the mood of the officer who was examining my stuff. Does anyone experience a sporadic custom fee too in your country?

Side View Left - Magic Circle
Back View - Nanoha Silhouette

I like Nanoha Silhouette on the back 🙂

Side View Right - Magic Circle

Side view left and right have the same magic circle.

Top View

“Ace of Ace”….. I like it.

Bottom View

The other loot is Black Rock Shooter. It arrived 2 weeks prior to my Nanoha and I still haven’t opened it yet ^^;; since the box is nice enough to be on display. In addition, it’s a medium size so it does not take up that much space.

Black Rock Shooter 1/7 PVC by Good Smile Company
Side View Right

BSR box is great. I love the photo of the figure on the right side. I wish  I can have a setting like that for my BSR photo shoot ^^.

Side View Left

On the left, you are given the illustration of BSR figure. Pretty nice ^^.

Back View

On the back, there are couple BSR photos from different angles

Top View

Bottom View

So how much did they cost ? Lets talk about that briefly.

Nanoha Takamachi 1/7 PVC Exceed Mode
Unit Price: 12,160 yen
Shipping: 4,000 yen
Points: -414 Yen
Custom: CAD$37
Total: ~$221

Black Rock Shooter
Unit Price: 8,867 yen
Shipping: 5,400 yen
Points: -581 Yen
Custom: CAD$25
Total: ~$185

So far, I meet my quota of 1 figure per month, although, I need to keep the cost of each figure down >.>