This chapter is doubly special. Not only it’s the first chapter released in 2010, it’s also the 100th chapter. The first chapter released in 2010 is either chapter 99 which was in Jump SQ February 2010 and it’s released on January or chapter 98 in Jump SQ January 2010 and it’s released on December 2009 so depends on how you look at it chapter 98 or 99 can be the first chapter released in 2010 (thanks for the correction from KazeTsukai). Being first and 100th leads us to believe that something special is happening in this chapter and it seems to meet my expectation or any Claymore fans out there.


Most of us are longing for an all-out fight between the main characters and Awakened beings for as long as I can remember, thus, this chapter could be the pioneer of it. Priscilla vs Clare (+Helen and Denieve). I am sure you guys know what’s Clare sole reason to become a Claymore which was told in earlier chapters. In case you forgot, her sole reason is to kill Priscilla. In order to achieve her goal, she does not hesitate to go fully awaken.

On the other hand, Priscilla does not remember Clare at all and she was following Clare’s scent all this time. When she finally meets with Clare, she does not know who she is due to her memory loss.


After 100 chapters, we all know what kind of person Clare is. In my opinion, she is definitely the type of  “action first, think later” like how she almost went full awakened fighting Ricardo in the North or how she was trying to separate from Cynthia and Uma. In this case, her action is not exception. Without thinking about the result, she blindly attacks Priscilla even though she should have already known that Priscilla is that much stronger than she is.


Well…. Clare was easily defeated as Priscilla barely moves nor makes any effort to defend Clare’s attacks.


Clare is in a pinch ? >.> Luckily she still has Helen and Denieve who are desperately trying to rescue her and get Priscilla away from her.


Seeing Priscilla shows an opening, Clare surely does not miss this chance and she starts attacking her again.


Clare’s efforts manage to cut Priscilla’s arm, although, I doubt it gives Clare any meaningful advantage.


Priscilla counters and scraps off Clare’s shoulder and part of her limb. Everything comes with a price, I guess.

23I just realized that Clare never told her comrades about Priscilla nor her past about why she became a Claymore warrior. Seeing Priscilla made Clare losing her mind and she ignores Denieve’s warning about Priscilla. Revenge consumes her mind totally. Considering that her sole purpose of living and surviving all those battles is to kill Priscilla.


I needed to read this page twice before I could figure it out who Lucky is. Lucky = Raki. Not sure why it got changed from Raki to Lucky.

26Clare intends to go all out since the beginning so she let herself to be awakened just like how she did during War of the North. Back then, she was pretty lucky that she managed to go back to herself, however, this time she may not be able to go back



For a second, it looks like Clare has the upper hand and is slicing left and right but……


Her extended arms are cut into pieces even though Priscilla barely moves at all.

33Clare’s plan to go fully awakened has failed due to an unexpected incident.


I was being unreasonable when I was expecting a fight against Priscilla to last as long as possible. So far, every fight against Priscilla ends  within matter of seconds. Even though it only lasts for couple seconds, I am quite satisfied seeing a fight between Clare and Priscilla. The author is truly an expert with having a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter and make us, the fans, wanting for more.

Something weird is happening to Clare and it causes her not to be able to fully awakened. As far as I can see, Priscilla does not seem to have done anything to Clare. Could it be Rafaela’s power preventing Clare’s from fully awaken ? That’s the only reasonable explanation that I can think of other than Priscilla tears Clare’s awakened form apart. I thought Clare would have gone fully awakened and gone berserk but she only goes for half awakened and maintains her consciousness.

T.T the next chapter will be out in April. It will be a long wait…… >.>. Chapter 100 is available at