This is little bit unexpected. A new claymore chapter came out early than usual released time which is the beginning of the month. My craving for more claymore chapters has been fulfilled earlier ^^.


Continuing from previous chapter, Priscilla pretty much owned everyone. Even the awakened form of Alicia and Beth couldn’t even scratch her. Last attempt to kill Priscilla was sending those spears to control her, however, it was a futile attempt as Priscilla broke it off without much effort.


After she’s done with Alicia and Beth, she goes to where Riful and Dauf are. Apparently Riful’s youki catches Priscilla’ attention since they both met before in the past.


Riful notices that Priscilla is on her way to where she is so she tells Dauf to run away, however, her warning is little bit too late


Seeing Priscilla here, Dauf threatens her that if something happens to Riful, he won’t let her get away with it. Threats are meaningless to Priscilla as she can rip every one a part in a matter of seconds.


First, Dauf loses his legs and arms then she ripped out part of his body.


Seeing Dauf being tortured, Riful can’t stand still but with her current condition, she is no match to Priscilla.


Consuming villagers weren’t enough for Priscilla so she’s consuming Riful


Meanwhile, lets go back to Claire, Denieve and Helen who are preparing for the next round of spear attacks from Rafaela + Luciela combined monster.


Clare leads her fellow friends dodging incoming spears quite easily. Is this the new power given by Rafaela to Clare before she turned into a monster ?17

While being bombarded by those spears, Clare continues to feel a peculiar youki and she’s trying to recall her memory of where she felt that youki before.18

Clare finally remembers where and when she felt that youki before. She instantly loses control and pushes her limit to being awakened.


Her sole purpose to live to this day and the reason why she turns herself into a Claymore warrior is to kill Priscilla, the one who killed her precious person, Teresa.


We can expect an all-out battle between Clare and Priscilla in the next chapter. Priscilla may be undefeated so far, however, Clare can be full of surprises. Remember how she almost turned into an awakened being during the North battle years ago ? She did it just to increase her battle power and speed. Who knows what she is actually capable for right now and it’s still not clear what kind of new power that Rafaela gave to her.


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