This is my first photo shoot since…… a while ago  I guess ^^;;. Fall/Winter is coming and the weather is getting chillier everyday so I thought I would have an outdoor photo shoot for the last time. My last outdoor photo shoot was at Niagara Falls where I went there with my parents and I would love to go there for another photo shoot session. For Octavia, I chose Casaloma castle as my setting since a castle fits her image/clothing perfectly.


Fellow readers probably can tell that I am little bit rusty since I haven’t done any photo shoots for the last 4-5 months. Outdoor photo shoot would be great to get things going again.


One thing that I love about this figure is that she can stand without using her base so she is perfect for outdoor photo shoot because having her base would be weird in outdoor environment.


For this session, I only use her unsheathed sword because I just like her pose more ^^. Anime girls with a sword are the best thing ever ^^


If I can be nit-picking with this figure, her paint job is mediocre and there are quite imperfection on her clothing especially on her shoulder. More over, don’t even get me started on her face as she looks different than the one in the anime. Since it’s Kotobukiya, I didn’t expect much from this figure. I bought because it’s Octavia and I just love anime girls with swords.





You can see the castle as her background and it suits her perfectly. This one would be even better if it’s closer but I like the black-white version of this one.






Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8
Series: Tears to Tiara
Release Date: Nov 2008
Retail Price: 6800 yen

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoy the photos. Sorry some pictures are little bit dark ^^;;.