I believe all Claymore manga readers out there have been waiting for this moment (ok, maybe not all but at least, most of them are) where Priscilla is back and kicking butts ^^. Speaking about Priscilla, does anyone have any ideas what her goal is. In previous chapters, there have not been anything mentioned about her goal as far as I remember.


In the previous chapter post, I mentioned that I was curious what happened to Cynthia and Uma and it seemed that author somewhat read my mind ^^;;. In this chapter, the first half is about Uma and Cynthia and the rest is about Priscilla.


Cynthia is deeply wounded because she was protecting Uma. Looking at her wound, it’s somewhat impossible to regenerate back since she already lost half of her body and her arm. Even a defensive warrior has her own limits too.08

Cynthia asked Uma to kill her before she turns into an awakened being but Uma refuses to do so and tries to synchronize her youki with Cynthia’s to help her regenerate. 10

Cynthia tells Uma that it’s impossible for her to do it because she has only seen it once but Uma tells her to sthu ^^.


Meanwhile, back to Riful, Douf and Alicia, Riful is startled by the amazing youki shown from Priscilla  15

Back to Priscilla and Beth, they continue to fight even though Priscilla clearly has the upper hand so it’s not even a fight for Priscilla but rather, she’s playing with Beth. Any attacks launched by awakened Beth is easily nullified by Priscilla.


As Priscilla is about to finish Beth in one strike, Alicia arrives. It does not really make much difference if there are more 10 Alicias coming since for Priscilla, killing them is as easy as snapping her finger.


To even up the odds, Alicia turns into an awakened being. Their combination attacks give Priscilla some degrees of difficulty. What I meant by ‘some degrees’ is that Priscilla needs to try slightly harder ^^;;. She does not seem to bother to evade the attacks since she can generate at a ridiculous rate.24

And….. with a single hit, Priscilla breaks Alicia’s head. There is nothing can rival Priscilla’ strength right now. The new awakened being of Luciela and Raphaela does indeed look promising to be a strong candidate in term of strength and power.


Even in her awakened form, Beth seems to have her human’s side left since she shed some tears when Priscilla kills her twin sister. Seeing her sister dies, Beth goes berserk and attacks Priscilla, although, her attacks are dodged and parried easily by Priscilla


Riful finds it hard to believe that Priscilla has that much youki even though she admitted long time ago that Priscilla was stronger than her. Meanwhile, Clare starts to sense Priscilla’ youki and tries to comprehend where it’s coming from.


This month chapter is pretty good. It’s a mixed of actions and sob sob story between Uma/Cynthia and Alicia/Beth/Priscilla. We all finally are able to witness how strong Priscilla is because in previous chapters, we were rarely shown her strength. As I mentioned above, I am curious about her goal. Is it to eradicate all awakened beings and claymores? she feasts on awakened being flesh in the previous chapter.

Another cliffhanger from this chapter is whether or not Cynthia will die. Unless Uma can perform a miracle, I think Cynthia is going to die soon. Her wound is just too serious and it took her a long time to regenerate Uma’s leg. Not to mention, it consumes all of Cynthia’s youki so looking at her current conditions, she does not have much time to live.

Early in this chapter, Cynthia said that she wants to die and expects her situation to happen sooner than later as she somewhat regrets that she’s alive when her captain died during the North battle. I just think that she feel lucky that she is still alive up until now and have a new comrades to fight along with ^^;.

All of us wonder what will happen in the next chapter….. just need to wait for another month. This chapter is available at onemanga.com.