Claymore’s fans truly rejoice this month since the new chapter  97 came out early than usual. When I first saw title, I thought of Riful, who are desperately fighting Alicia but it was little bit misleading since it is only true for the first half of the chapter. The main focus on this chapter is Riful vs Alicia and X vs Beth. I found it weird that this chapter didn’t show what will happen to Cynthia and Uma who encountered awakened Beth in the last chapter. I am guessing they survive and manage to run away since another character, X, appears out of nowhere and is fighting with awakened Beth.


Even though  Alicia is not in awakened form, she is still too much for Riful to handle due to her injuries. Her struggles can only last so long before she finally lost one of her legs


Despite of being on the ground, she keeps on going and she finally manages to stand up


She is really frustrated since she is about to kill by Alicia and apparently she is not worthy to be Riful’s opponent and as someone who will take her life. I’ve never seen Riful crying before but I guess Awakened beings are still partly human.


When Alicia is about to deliver the final blow to Riful, she falls to the ground and tries to surpress her youki.


Meanwhile, Beth, who is fully awaken, meets with a very unexpected opponent. *Drum roll* Priscilla is back


and she kicks butt……


and she starts eating??????? is she hungry or something ?


Who is this man that she is talking about ? I don’t think it’s Raki and my vote goes to Ishley since he was just recently killed by the Abyss Feeders and for some reasons, the smell was attached to the Abyssal Feeders. The question is why she is looking for Ishley after all these years? and how did they get split up ? we need more background stories on what has happened since the War on the North.