Did I just say Saber ? A small package of loot arrived just before I left for Vancouver last month. These were more like an impulse purchase rather than a “very carefully planned” one. The lucky blogger to be blamed this time is no other than Zenical from zotaku.com . I tried looking for the post that she posted about bunch pre-orders for Saber -Fate Unlimited Codes- related items but could not find it ^^:; Oh I found the post about it. I pretty much bought every items that she put in her post.


This is a cushion cover of Saber Lily. She has a nice pose and her look is simply to my liking ^^.


The other side of the cushion cover has different pose/image of Saber Lily. Her pose/expression is not necessarily my type but it’s Saber Lily


I bought 2 cushion covers and the other cushion cover shows the original Saber. The magic circle on her background looks great.


The other side shows Saber Alter version. She has the usual pose as Saber Alter and her expression is obviously the ‘don’t mess with me’ type ^^. Too bad that they only show a bit of her sword.


The key chain/strap was not in Zenical’s post but I saw it when I went to Hobby Search page so I might as well pre-order since I could actually use it for my keys.


Now, the T-shirt has a similar pose with the first cushion cover above and the color quality is not as good as I expected it would be so I am slightly disappointed with this one but at least I have an additional cloth to wear at anime conventions ^^. More loots to come this month ^^.