Sorry for the lack update on my blog for the past month. I have a lot of things to write but can’t get my self to actually write it. Lack of motivation I guess and it also does not help when work and school consume my time. My fellow friends managed to convince to play World of Warcraft again since bunch of us already plays so there goes my spare time. Currently, lvl 35 priest at Crushridge Realm so if you play on the same server, let me know ^^. Do you ever want to have more than 24 hours per day ? I personally want to have 48 hours / day. 8-9 for work and the rest is for something else ^^;;.

Anyways, enough with my rambling and here comes my latest loot.


Saber Lily 1/7 by GSC finally arrived after  some delays in the past months, although, the delay was actually good for me since I had a lot expenses when I moved to a new place.


The box has interesting corners and I don’t see the point of making them flattened.


Front View


Right View


Back View


Left View


Top angle view


Checked my hobby search preorder and of course Fate got delayed…..again. I was expecting Nanoha would be delayed but I guess there are too many Fate fans out there so Alter can’t keep up with the pre-order.

The shipping cost for this Saber Lily is a friggin 5,400 yen. I realized it’s 1/7 but the shipping charge is unreasonable and I don’t see why Hobby Search felt the need put int a big box -_-;;. Gosh $50 just for the shipping alone and it’s more than half the price of Saber Lily. If you guys ordered from Hobby Search, please let me know what the shipping cost was >.> especially if you live in Canada.