claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze

Chapter 96 was just released last night and posted on If you haven’t read it yet, please do so before ^^. Continuing from previous chapter, Luciela + Rafaela combined monster is as strong as ever and continue to unleash its spears around the area and it will not stop until it runs out of energy. Meanwhile, a mysterious black hood person, who we have seen previously, wants it to be captured and use it as a living specimen.

claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze_02

The mysterious black-hood person looks like two-faced from Batman series ^^;; and I don’t think any person with a face like that can be a good guy with good intention (some exceptions apply, of course ^^;). He reminds of what Miria said back in one of the previous chapter where she just left the North. She said something about the organization creates the Claymore and the monsters and everything is just a test specimen which will be used for war. If we look at what happened to Alicia and Beth and what this black-hood guy tries to do, the puzzle pieces seem to be gotten together.claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze_03

Raki is the unlucky one as he got hit by one of those spears and he manages to survive and battles with it. It won’t be too long before his life ends as he is taken away as a living specimen for research. I wonder where Priscillia went. Since she is so weak, she may got hit by one of those spears. Although, if she does get hit, it may help her recovering to her full strength assuming she won’t be overtaken. claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze_04

Back to Uma and Cynthia , who are running away from the scene, they saw Beth who got hit by the spear.claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze_05

Beth  is beyond of any help as she begins to transform. The spear completely overtook her consciousness, although, I am surprised that Beth is overtaken easily since she usually controls Alicia. She does have that much will power I guess.

claymore_chapter 96_desirous_gaze_07

Clare, Helen and Denieve survive their first battle but it is far from over as Luciela and Rafaela combined monster prepares another round of spear attack. How long can they last before they run out of breath ?

The author did not show any progress on Riful cs. I guess she is lucky to be survive because if Beth did not get hit by the spear, she will be annihilated for sure and now, Alicia is out of control and she may also attack Riful. Uma and Cynthia are going to have a difficult fight since Uma is the weakest and Cynthia is more like a healer and a scout so the best they can do is to run away (assuming if they can run away).

It is also interesting to see what will happen with Raki, will he turn into an Awakened one or will he survive and become like a Claymore?