Another post of my “All about Toronto, eh?” series after my first post 2-3 months ago. I am glad that I did not enforce myself to make this series into a weekly thing since my 2nd post of this series happened after 2 months ^^;;. This time, it features my recent adventure  in Toronto area such as Erindale Park near University of Toronto Mississauga , my new place, Chinatown downtown Toronto and Summerlicious event.

Aoi Sora

Aoi Sora (青い空 )


A small river running across Erindale Park. The river is clean and clear so you can swim there if you would like to.


Found this little fella when I was walking by the river. I think this species of spider is the one that can walk/move freely on water surface. A quick google search did the trick in finding the species name for this spider. They are commonly known as fishing spiders, dock spiders, wharf spiders or raft spiders. Its genus name is called Dolomedes and most of dolomedes species is semi-aquatic with some exceptions (source: wiki). Thankfully, my girlfriend didn’t see this spider, otherwise, this little fella would have been dead. I can safely assume that most common spider predator is my girlfriend’s feet ^^;;.


I was trying to get a close up picture but that’s as far as I can go without scaring it away. Curse my 18-55mm stock lens ^^;;. Nikon 105mm micro lens is beyond my budget (price is around $900); I can only dream, I guess.


Not sure what this caterpillar was doing by the river but doesn’t it live on trees usually and eat leaves ? ^^


On the way back to my car as we were about to leave the park and couldn’t resist to take another pictures.


Blue sky is blue. A nice sunny weather that’s proven to be scarce in this year summer in Toronto. We have a lot of rainy days this summer and not to mention that they usually accompany by lightning and thunderstorm.


I love this view. A combination of blue sky and green grass and a lot of families are enjoying themselves.


My friends’ back got taken in the picture. If they are the only people there, the picture will look even better ^^


This is a scenery from my condo. I just got back home from work and decided to take some pictures from my balcony.


I can see the Nestle building from outside.all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_13



I was not sure what this is. I assume it’s some kind of aircraft but who knows ^^;;. It may be a UFO ? ;p


At Sheppard-Yonge subway on a Sunday morning. I was going to downtown for lunch with bunch of friends.


Everyone is a drug abuser including myself apparently ^^;;


Interior of Toronto Transit Commision (TTC) subway. They could use a better seat than the one it uses right now

all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_18Dundas Square


Yonge – Dundas intersection. It’s arguably the busiest intersection in Toronto area.


Yonge street facing the north side. all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_21

The one and only “scramble” intersection in Toronto. A type of intersection that allows pedestrian to across diagonally in addition to the usual horizontal and vertical one. This “scramble” intersection is often seen in Japan.


For example, Shibuya crossing in Tokyo below.


Riding a TTC street car to go to Chinatown at Dundas / Spadina intersection.


Arrived at the centre of downtown Chinatown – Spadina and Dundas intersection.



Took my time when crossing the street by taking a picture ^^;


A typical grocery store / marketplace in Chinatown


A Pho restaurant where I was having lunch. all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_29

The menu. all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_30

Apparently this place has won few awards and recognitions and not to mention, it’s featured in local newspapers.



Cheap chinese bakery store at Chinatown. Most items are 2/3 for $1.00 all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_33

I was grabbing some of these Deep Fried Curry Beef bun.


And of course, I couldn’t forget to get some of these custard pineapple bun ^^


These butter rolls also caught my attention ^^;; all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_36

Lastly, my favourite among others is egg tart. all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_37

Waiting in the line to pay for my breads all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_38

Tea Shop 168 in Chinatown. all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_39

I stopped by at nearby foot mart looking for some snacks ^^ all_about_toronto_eh_part_2_40


Green-powered taxi/cab. It’s good for getting around Chinatown I guess but no idea how much it costs.


The well-known Art Gallery of Ontario is located near Dundas-University intersection. Even if you are not into art, it’s a must place to visit when you are in Toronto.



Toronto Police Department building at Dundas





Walking along Dundas as I was on my way back to Dundas subway station.


My gf and I went to a Japanese restaurant called EDO since they had a Summer special menu which is called Summerlicious. A lot of restaurants join this annual event in Toronto to promote their menu in order to attract customers. I think it’s really a good deal considering how much fine dining usually costs. Below is Seared Salmon Carpaccio, Ponzu Aspic and I think I finished it within 1 minute lol.


Sushi and Sashimi.


Shrimp and vegetable tempura


Tempura banana deluxe.


One thing about this type of restaurant is that the food is always in a small quantity = not filling enough for me ^^;;, however, the taste was really good though ^^