This chapter is worthy one-day late than its usual released date (around 1st to 3rd of the month) and a thumb up for Franky-House scanlations team for bringing us, yet, another great chapter of Claymore. This month chapter is just amazing,superb, awesome , <insert your own words here> as I am running out of words to describe how awesome this chapter is. Even though,I already knew that Rafaela-Luciela’s power is beyond any other living things in Claymore more, I did not expect that its minions are enough to trouble Clare and her friends.

Each fragments released by Rafaela-Luciela grows to become its own awakened beings, although, you can call them a living being since it sucks others’ life force in order to stay alive. It’s about time for Clare and friends to released their full youki as there is no point in hiding it anymore. Deneve can easily regenerate her left arm after she cuts it on her own in order to prevent the parasite from consuming her. While Deneve is struggling, Helen manages to cut one of the minions’ head off but unfortunately enough, it still can moves around freely and it is about to release its parasite spear (I don’t know how to call those things lol). Luckily, Clare saves her butt in time ^^.

I know all of us have been waiting on what kind of power Clare has after receiving Rafaela’s memory (and other stuff) but I guess we need to wait for another chapter before we can see her in action. Clare seems to know what kind creatures they are and their weaknesses so I am guessing that’s part of memories that she receives from Rafaela.

Meanwhile, lets look at what is going on with Riful + Duff vs Alicia + Beth +Abyss Feeders. Riful and Duff are busy running away from Abyss Feeders and they both are heavily injured especially Duff who is being carried away by Riful. Several Abyss feeders are following them and manages to catch up with her. She slices a few of them but they are more coming at her. Suddenly, one of the Abyss Feeders is sliced into pieces by someone. It turns out to be Alicia. What is going on over here ? do they become friends now ? Apparently, Beth gets hit by one of those spears (such a turn of event) and I highly doubt that she can survive since those spears are parasite type. Because of that, she looses control of Alicia.

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