I am having a hard time on deciding my mascot’s name ^^;;. I tried to get some helps from DC members by posting on the member news section and received a lot of suggestions ^^, however, at the end, I couldn’t decide which one it should be. So hopefully, the voting can help me deciding on my mascot’s name.

Here’s some of the candidates (firstname lastname):

  • Shizume Yumemoto
  • Shizuka Yumekawa
  • Yume Natsume
  • Natsu Aoki
  • Yumeka Hatsurugi (夢夏 羽剣 )
  • Yume Shizuka (Yume (夢) Shizu(靜) ka(夏))
  • Yume Hisakawa
  • Aoi Natsume
  • Hisaka (久夏 or 久香) Shizuhana
  • Hisaka Natsume

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Feel free to give other suggestions than the ones above ^^. On a side note, my saber lily glass just arrived today ^^ from Hobby Search. Unfortunately, it’s already out of stock there ^^;