I had wanted a mascot for a long time since I started blogging last year and no doubt that seeing Danny has his own mascot, Mirai Suenaga, it can’t be helped that I wanted my own. I am no artist which means I need to commission someone to create one for me and the artist that I chose to create my mascot is no other than Chun from puppy52.com .  I know she is a busy lady and Anime Evolution was coming up so I didn’t expect to get the mascot done before Anime Expo 2009 (if you haven’t checked my coverage yet ,please do so by clicking the following links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Loot).


Chun wasted no time and she started on my mascot as soon as she got some details what I want. Soon after, she sent 2 samples above for my preview. You all can probably guess which character she was referencing to ^^;;. Originally, I wanted armor dress like Saber (no surprise, eh) but then I preferred gown at the end so I told her that I like the look from the armor version and the gown. In addition, I prefer my mascot to be barefootedyume_shizuka_draft_2b

The 3rd time is the charm. I think she nailed it with the above sketch and I also mentioned her that my mascot has to have a sword (yah I am into anime girls with a sword XD. It’s my sickness lol). Aside from her hair, pose wise is looking great since I am not a fan of short hair girls whether it is 2d or 3d.yume_shizuka_draft_3

After the character is finalized , she did some cleaning and prepared the mascot to be coloured. yume_shizuka_draft_3b

Chun also added a bikini for her and did some touching up here and there. Note that the mascot still needs a gown ^^;;


I mentioned it to her that the sword looked kinda fat / short so I asked her if she could make it look thinner/long.yume_shizuka_draft_5

This sword version definitely looks better but the sword is too long but I think that should be ok since I don’t necessarily need to display all part of the sword.yume_shizuka_draft_6

Chun added the gown on her and she looks nice and sexy ^^


Since everything is finalized, she started the colouring process and sent me the first draft. I wrote back to her with some comments regarding the gown, eyes, skin and sword.


We had little bit difficulties with the skin shade due to monitors that we use because it looks different on different monitors depending on its settings so she sent me couple versions with different skin shade colour and eyes colour so I can decide which one looks the best.


After going back and forth between us, we managed to finalize the character as seen below.yume_shizuka_draft_9b


yume_shizuka_draft_10b yume_shizuka_draft_10c

The last touch up was the decoration of the sword since I mentioned it to her that sword was little bit too plain so she added red markings on it ^^.yume_shizuka_draft_11

Chun really did a good job on the mascot and I hope I was not too picky ^^;;. Now since the mascot has been completed, I still need to figure her name ^^;;. After much research and googling around, I narrowed it down to Yume Shizuka. Their kanji is as follow: Yume (夢) Shizu(靜) ka(夏). As most of you already know that yume means dream, shizu means quiet and ka means summer. The name is not finalized yet so I would like to ask my fellow readers for some suggestions for her name. Picking a name is not as easy as I thought it would be because I want the name to mean something. I like her first name Yume but it’s not the case with her surname. Kinda hard to look for japanese surname that has the meaning that I like ^^;; so if you have any suggestions , please post a comment ^^.