This post marks one year exactly since I started doing monthly Claymore manga summary back in August 2008. I found it hard to believe that it’s been that long, although, it’s a good thing that I manage to keep it up for that long. Continuing from the last chapter, the breed of monster has become the center of attention of any group whether they are claymores, abyssal one or even abyssal feeders. As I already mentioned in the previous chapter summary, we can expect some climax fights between all parties and Riful vs Alicia + Beth is the first one we will witness.

The organization has put a lot of effort in developing Alicia + Beth to a great extend. Normally in a fight, Beth controls Alicia, who becomes an Awakened Being so it is logical to attack Beth who appears to be a weakling since she just stands around. Riful thought the same way as I did, however, despite her effort and Duff to attack Beth, she manages dodge everything perfectly and she does it with a short amount of downtime in controlling Alicia. Since she has to focus on dodging, she loses control of Alicia for a bit but it does not affect the fight in anyways except Alicia’s movement slows down to a certain degree. I think the organization did really well in developing Alicia and Beth fighting power and conquering their weakness.

Meanwhile, Clare, who just regains consciousness, is amazed by capability of Alicia + Beth but she does not have time to sit around since she is attacked by the new born monster. Helen and Denieve are on their way to the new monster and meet up with Claire, however, she told them to stay away because the born monster is about to unleash its power by releasing an all out attack to the surrounding. Cynthia and Uma barely make it alive thanks to Uma’s effort on running away while carrying Cynthia since she is completely exhausted from healing Uma’s leg in previous chapters. Riful and Duff are no exception as they also get hit by multiple javelins. Raki is pretty lucky to have Priscillia right by his side because she stops him from moving forward and 1 sec later , a huge javelin passes right in front of him and destroys one of the house in the village.

Clare, Helen and Denieve survive the attack but it does not mean that they are safe as the hell is about to begin. Those javelins are not just a normal one because after they hit the ground and they grow alive and become a monster.

I have to say that the new born monster looks really strong and powerful. I am not sure how they will be able to defeat it because if we look what attacks it is capable of in this chapter, I am somewhat pessimistics if Clare + others can destroy this new born monster. Even if they all cooperate together and attack it at the same time, I highly doubt that it can be defeated easily ^^;;. The manga creator needs to stop torturing me with all these cliffhangers ^^;. It is time to wait for another month for the new chapter.

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