I realized that I am little bit late posting my loot post from AX 2009 but hopefully you guys still find this post entertaining. It already has been a month since I got back from Anime Expo 2009 and time seems to go much faster than before ^^;; which is somewhat scary. To be honest, I did not buy a lot at Anime Expo because I knew I would have a lot of expenses when I moved to my new place. I thought I did not buy a lot but  Istill spent at least $300 for goodies. All the photos were taken at my new place as you already probably notice from the picture above; the floor is different because my old room was all tiles ^^. Note that this post is definitely NSFW due to bare ‘eyes’ showing from the dakimakura that I got.


I bought Dengeki G’s Festival April Issue from Kinokuniya booth at Anime Expo. I really love their booth because they were selling a lot of magazines like Dengeki. I don’t really read it but love the goodies that comes with the magazine as we all do ^^. Do you buy those magazines for the sake of the goodies that come along with it ? In this April issue, I got Estel Freecia mousepad (too bad it is not an oppai mouse pad ;p), a keychain and a dakimakura of Feena Fam Earthlight.


This dakimakura only has one side because the other side is just blank ^^ but it is still a nice loot for something that comes free with the magazine ^^. As for the texture of the dakimakura, it is not as soft as the one that usually cost us around $100 and has two sides (the normal one and the ero one).


My next loot is Dengeki G’s Comic Festival 2009 spring and the front cover shows Otome and Yume, two of my favourite characters from Da Capo II. Just like Dengeki G’s Festival, it also comes with a free dakimakura of Asakura Otome which is one of the main reasons I bought it.


The Asakura sisters are both just adorable. What’s your favourite characters from Da Capo II ? I am sure there are a lot of Circus’ fans out there ^^


I couldn’t get enough of Da Capo apparently since I bought another Dakimakura featuring Otome and an unknown character. Can anyone tell me who the girl on the left is ? The right girl must be Asakura Otome (correct me if I am wrong) but not sure who the girl on the left. I am guessing it’s one of the character in the eroge because I have never seen her in any of Da Capo series.


I may be into Da Capo especially Asakura sisters but I still remember who my favourite character of all time is. I bought this Fate/stay nights Saber Portraits which contains a lot of nice pictures of Saber. My previous Saber gallery post contains a lot of images from this art book.


As I was lurking around at Kinokuniya booth, I saw this nice visual collection of StrikerS with Subaru stand-pop inside. I could not resist and it sure didn’t take me long before grabbing it.


And of course , when I was about to go to the cashier, I saw another StrikerS Visual Collection with Nanoha stand-pop. Does anyone know if there is one that comes with Fate stand-pop or even Signum? ^^;;


This is the free goodies that  I got when  I was at the dealer room at Anime Expo. Most of the stuff came from Manga Gamer booth and every time, I went inside, they were giving these free items. The BlazBlue one, I got it from the Aksys booth.anime_expo_2009_loot_11

All the loots above is something that can be purchased quite easily especially if you happen to have Kinokuniya book store in your area (T.T we need one in Canada). Below loots are something that worth more in my opinion even though they only cost like $12-$20 but I doubt I will ever have a chance to get these again.


Yuka Kayura, one of the illustrator of Da Capo II eroge and the creator of Asakura Otome, was giving out a drawn sketch for $20 each at Manga Gamer booth as I already mentioned during my AX 2009 Day 3 coverage.


I asked her for Asakura Otome sketch since she is one of my favourite characters in DC II. I was given a number and told to come back within one hour to pick it up.


After I picked up my Otome sketch, I asked her for Asakura Yume sketch and was told to come after 3 hours to pick it up because she was getting busier with other request. Both sketches were personally signed by her and I was so friggin happy ^^. They both are priceless loots in front of my eyes and $20 for an original sketch is more than worth it ^^


My last loot from Anime Expo 2009 is an Afro Samurai sketch ($12) by Takashi Okazaki with his signature. I had to wait for at least 1 hour before it was my turn to get his signature. It’s definitely another priceless loot in addition to my Asakuras’ sketches.

Below is my total expenses break down for this trip. I have to say that it has been quite a pricey trip for me especially the hotel part since I didn’t share a room with anyone and even though if I did, I don’t think they can handle my snoring lol.

Loots Price ($)
Dengeki G’s Festival April Issue $35.00
Dengeki G’s Comic Festival 2009 spring $35.00
Dakimakura $80.00
Fate/stay nights Saber Portraits $50.00
StrikerS Visual collection $110.00
Otome and Yume sketches (2x$20) $40.00
Afro Samurai sketch $12.00
Total Loots $362.00
Misc. Items Price ($)
Flight ticket to LA $425
Hotel (4 nights) $606
AX 09 Badge (4 days) $50
Food $138
Total $1,219
Grand Total $1,581