Opening day of Anime Expo had finally arrived. The time had come and I had been waiting for this day. My apology if I made it sounding so dramatic (too much) but I had been looking forward to it for a long time as far as I can remember since I got into anime conventions. I woke up around 7:30am and left my hotel at 8am since the registration opened at 9am. Even though, I was one hour early, as I was expected, the line was already quite long. I wish I didn’t oversleep yesterday so I could get my badge and didn’t get stuck waiting. The picture above may not be related but that’s how I imagined myself yelling ‘YEAHHHHHHHHHHH’ to let out my excitement for Anime Expo.


My oh my, the line-up was crazy and I thought Anime North was bad enough but Anime Expo was a lot worse. It was at least 3-4 times worse than Anime North. Waiting in the line-up was quite boring since I went to Anime Expo alone with any friends from back home. Maybe next year if I have a chance to go to AX again, I will try to drag some friends with me and come up with better planning.


The majority of people in the line-up didn’t cosplay so sadly I didn’t take any pictures of cosplayers. In addition, everyone seemed to be busy either playing PSP/DS or listening to some musics on their Ipods so I couldn’t randomly start a conversation with someone ^^;;. For con-goers out there, when you are at anime conventions, do you usually start random conversations with the person beside you while waiting in the line?


Around 9am, the line finally started moving and it was really fast. While I was walking toward the registration booth, I took a snapshot of this girl’s handbag. I don’t think Louis Vuitton is exactly appropriate for anime conventions but I am not one to judge and to each his/her own ^^.


After looking at her bag, I glanced over to  her friends’ shoes. I questioned myself as of why they wore high heels. Wouldn’t skecher shoes a lot more comfortable to wear at Anime convention which was a place that required to be walking around a lot. A question popped in my head for my readers who are females (hopefully I do have some female readers ^^;;). Do you wear high heels at anime convention (assuming you don’t cosplay as a character that needs to wear high heels?


Despite the long line-up, it moved quite fast and within half an hour, I was about to get my badge. I like to give AX2009 staffs two thumbs up on how organize their registration booths were. They prepared bunch of computers where people scanned their pre-registered receipt to confirm their identity then printed it out and ready to be picked up on the booth accordingly.


In addition to AX badge, I was given a strap to hang the badge which was very usefull than having a clip-on type like I had at Anime North. AX didn’t have just one mascot but there were 2 (or 4 if you count the stuff animals) but I still like Anime North mascot for some reasons ^^. In addition to my name, I got my screenname/nickname on my badge so it’s pretty cool.


It’s pleasant to see that Anime Expo is fully supported by Governor of California, Arnold Schawrzenegger. He wrote a short greeting to everyone who gathered for the 19th annual Anime Expo and the greeting was put in the AX booklet which was given to me when I got my badge along with AX plastic bag. I wonder if our premier in Ontario will ever do something similar for Anime North for example ^^;;. Question for my readers, does your local government authorities involve in anime/otaku related activities in your area ?


After I got my badge, I went straight for another line up for Morning Musume concert ticket. The line might look shorter but it actually took me 1 hour to get to the ticket booth. It really sucked and such a time waster waiting in lines ^^;;.


Right after I got my ticket, I was going to check the exhibitors/dealers room but saw the long line up, I decided to just go directly to Morning Musume panel. It’s unfortunate that we were not allowed to take any photos during the panel, but of course, there was always someone dare enough to do it with a risk of getting kick-out from the room like the short clip below.

Another short clip of Morning Musume members going back to their hotel.

The Morning Musume panel was around 1 hour and in my humble opinion, there were not much interesting discussions going on other than hearing “I love you, <insert Morning Musume members>” ^^;. After the panel ended, we were given a ticket for autograph session and so much of my luck, I was sitting in the middle row so I couldn’t get a ticket because it’s limited to 500 tickets only. In addition, even though you have a ticket, it didn’t mean that you were guaranteed an autograph. There goes my plan to get their autographs -_-;;


To cure my disappoinment, I went to exhibitors/dealers room. Thankfully, there were no more line ups.


I visited Atlus booth to check out what games they have.


I saw this PS3 game called Demon’s Souls. It looks like an action adventure oriented game like Oblivion. Not something that I would get usually but it looked kinda cool. The game will be released on October 6, 2009. If you like Oblivion, chance is you will enjoy this game. Check out the cinematic teaser trailer below.


Not far from Demons’ Souls , Atlus was showing their upcoming release of Persona which was a remake of Persona in PSone and a recent release, Devil Survivor. Both games are for PSP. Check out opening movie for Persona below and Devil Survivor trailer on Atlus’ Official Website. I like the music from Persona OP movie. It’s quite catchy ^^.


Moving on the next game from Atlus, it is Neo Steam The Shattered Continent which is a free online mmorpg. It looks like just any other free mmorpgs out there and it’s slashing/swinging your weapons to kill monsters to finish a quest. It lacks a story line or characters development in my opinion. I haven’t found any mmorpg that is better than FFXI in term of story and that’s a reason why I look forward to FFXIV ^^. Check out OP movie and a game trailer below.


After I was done with Atlus’ booth, I went to its nearest neighbour which was NIS America. NIS America is well-know for localization of many japanese rpgs such Ar Tonelico, Atelier Iris, Makai Kingdom, Disgaea and many more. They were also selling bunch of game goodies like small figures from their games and their booth was quite crowded every day.


Too bad , they don’t sell these posters below. I want them so bad >.<.


After NIS booth, I went to Arc’s booth which is well-known for producing Guilty Gear 2d fighting game. There were so many people and took me quite an effort to take a picture of Blaz Blue gameplay. Does any play game this game ? I am not what the hype is with this game aside from cute characters ^^;; and cool OSTs. Check out its trailer below.



Unfortunately, the exhibitors/dealers room closed at 6pm and I was forced to leave by the securities and staffs. It’s quite disappointing for me that they closed so early since I was hoping to explore it more but oh well, there would be another chance the next day. I didn’t go back to my hotel directly but decide to stay around and looked for some cute cosplayers ^^.


Around 8pm, I had to call it a day since my legs were killing me and I barely could walk anymore ^^;;. That summed up my AX Day 1 coverage. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoying it.