Minna-san, tadaima ^^. I hope I said it right in the title. If not , please feel free to correct me. Anyways, I just go back from Anime Expo 2009 early this morning around 3am and all I can say is that I had tons of fun, although, I am currently exhausted from walking all around AX09 area. Anime Expo (AX) definitely lives up to its name and I personally witness what it means to be the biggest anime convention in North America. The amount of people attended the event is 3 or 4 times more than Anime North 2009. I’ve never seen that many people in one place in my life.

Full coverage will follow soon once I organize my photo and video. I managed to  capture the whole QA session for Ishiwatari and Mori’s panel. Ishiwatari is the creator of original Guilty Gear, while , Mori worked with Ishiwatari on their latest releases, Blaze Blue. See gameplay trailer below.

Since it will be too long to put everything in one post due to the amount of photos, I have decided to separate into 6 posts as follows:

  1. AX 2009 Day 0
  2. AX 2009 Day 1
  3. AX 2009 Day 2
  4. AX 2009 Day 3
  5. AX 2009 Cosplayers
  6. AX 2009 Loots and Expenses summary which includes hotel, food, flight ticket and misc. items.

Day 0 and Day 1 will probably be posted this week for sure and the rest should follow. Please be patient with me and I promise I will post everything as soon as I can ^^;;