Claymore Chapter 93

While I may be away but it does not mean I will forget my monthly Claymore post. It’s slightly little bit late but finally found a time to post after Anime Expo Day 2 has ended. Continuing from previous chapter, Rafaela and Luciela merged together and grows to become a new being with power unimaginable even by the Abyssal Ones.

Sensing the youki of this new monster, Helen and Deneve make their haste toward it. Apparently Deneve manages to sense Clare’s youki in the middle enourmous Youki from the monster. At the same time, Cynthia sensed Helen and Deneve’s youki in the middle of attempting to heal Uma. Since there is no point of hiding youki anymore due to the large youki from the new being. Cynthia is going to heal Uma’s leg with full power to speed up the healing and Uma needs to release her youryouku(what is youryouku ? I assumed she meant youki) to help with the regeneration. Since they release their full youki, it’s easy for Helen and Deneve to sense their youki and meet up with them.

Meanwhile, after Claire’s duel with Rafaela in the last chapter, Clare starts gaining her consciousness and prevents herself from being absorbed by the new being. Clare was reborn with a new body after being inserted with Rafaela’s feelings and memories. She witnesses herself the new form for Rafaela and her sister, Luciela.

Cynthia is almost done healing Uma’s leg but Helen is getting impatient and decides to get going to save Claire from the new being with Deneve. Cynthia is forced to stay because she consumes a large amount of youki to heal Uma’s leg. Uma is also left behind to protect Cynthia since she is pretty much vulnerable to any attacks due to exhaustion.

Back to Riful and Dauf, they get attacked by bunch of Abyssal Feeders. While in the middle of fighting them, Beth and Alicia appear before them.

This chapter is such a cliffhanger. It ends right before the duel of Beth + Alicia + Abyssal Feeders vs Riful + Dauf. It is a fight that we all have been waiting for to see who are the strongest ones. Alicia and Beth appears couple times in previous chapters but they never fight with any of the Abyssal Ones like Riful. So who do you think will win ? I personally think this fight can be one-sided. With the help with Abyssal Feeders, Alicia + Beth probably can finish Riful and Dauf. Riful may be one of the Abyssal Ones , the era has changed such that the Abyssal Ones are not necessarily the strongest ones anymore. Ishley was defeated by Abyssal Feeders back in couple chapters ago and Riful is technically weaker than Ishley so I just don’t see how Riful (+Dauf) can win this brawl. The only chance she has is probably to kill Beth so Alicia cannot transform to her awakened form and kill/try to kill Abyss Feeders while escaping.

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