Another preorder of Saber Lily and this time is the nendo version. It’s due for release on October 2009. Since I already have Alter Nanoha and Alter Saber Lily from my recent preorder, I had to cancel my Miku “World is Mine”, otherwise,  I will go over the limit of 1 figure / month  and I know there will be at least pre-order in December 2009 so I would like to keep that month empty. Cancelling Miku saves me about 3,000 yen which is a good thing ^^.


Excalibur, Avalon and Caliburn with its scabbard are all included as separate weapons so there will be a lot of possibilities for poses ^^.


Since nendoroid is generally small, I usually carry it around like what I did with my Saber Lion Nendoroid. Whenever I go to a park or any other places, I always bring her along. Do you have any figures/figmas/nendos that you usually carry with you in your bag ? Danny always carry at least one with him every time I see his photos.


With the great success of Saber Lily, it comes down to one question for all Saber fans (and non-fans). Do you think Saber Lily should be the original Saber instead of her current blue armor ? Do you like Saber Lily version more than the original one ? For me, the white clothing fits perfectly with her silver/shiny armor in comparison to blue clothing + silver amor.


Saber Lily is available for preorder on the following stores:



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A new summary for my preorders:

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