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In preparation for Anime Expo 2009 and its overloaded Japanese guest of honours, I bought some merchandise specifically for signing purpose so I guess you can call this as AX2009 pre-loot ^^. The Japanese guest of honours that will be my main target for signatures are Yosuke Kuroda, Daisuki Ishiwatari and Morning Musume.

S-Cry-Ed complete DVD set, Guilty Gear Isuka and Morning Musume latest CD, Syou ga Nai Yume Oibito

Yosuke Kuroda is one of the original creator of S-Cry-Ed manga and I still can recall how much I love the series when it just came out 8 years ago. Check out the first episode below. I am feeling nostalgic listening to the OP song.

Meanwhile, Daisuki Ishiwatari is the original creator of Guilty Gear fighting games on Playstation One. He is also the voice actor for Sol Badguy. Does anyone play this game ? I used to play Guilty Gear Reload a lot back then.

Last but not least, Morning Musume is the most succesful (arguably) all girls group in Japan and well-known for changing their members around. Their latest CD/single is Syou ga Nai Yume Oibito and  3,2,1 Breakin Out! , AX2009 official theme song, is also included in the CD.

Morning Musume Latest Single
Aren't they all cute ? ^^

Listen to their 3,2,1 Breakin Out! freshly ripped from my CD ^^ below

In addition to above guests, there are many other well-known Japanese guest of honours so check out my previous post about AX2009 Japanese guest of honours