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New chapter of Claymore is just released today at Continuing from previous chapter, Clare infiltrates Riful’s base and accidentaly found Rafaela and Luciela’s body hung. Apparently Rafaela’s consciouness takes over Clare’s mind and create an illusion from Clare’s memory. They are both brought back in the middle of forest along with Jean who died in the North. Jean and Clare encounter Rafaela in the middle of the forest where she challenges Clare to a duel. Despite her training for the last 7 years, Clare is no match to Rafaela and her windcutter is like a child play against Rafaela, thus, Clare was sliced into pieces. Death to the mind equals death to the body. Clare is no longer alive….

Or not…. she is still alive since she comes to realize that her consciousness was drawn into Rafaela’s or so she thought. In reality, Clare makes a contact with Rafaela without even realizing it and she is warned that she just makes a greatest mistake (I wonder what it is). After some chit-chats, they both get ready for another duel and this time, Clare shows Rafaela her reserved technique that she never uses since she went missing in the North 7 years ago. Swift blade, the technique inherited from former number 2 Irene, is executed by releasing all her youki to her right arm and beats Rafaela in an instant.

Rafaela’s defeat marks the end of life of former no. 5 Claymore, on the other hand, something new has been born, a brand new of awakened being which holds much greater youki than Riful, Priscilla or Isley. The twin, Alicia and Beth, feel the youki and consider it as another target to be eliminated. What could this new creature be ?

I wonder what will happen to Clare after she defeats Rafaela. Will she become stronger than before since she inherits Rafaela’s memories ? The huge youki attracts everyone out there and I feel like the next couple chapters will be a great show down soon between Riful, Alicia and Beth, the new born and Clare cs. Will the balance of power be shifted once again with this new born ? or will it dominate everyone out there ? Riful seems to be happy with this newly awakened being for some reasons. I guess she is expecting to have a new ally, although, I highly doubt this new awakened being be anyone’s allies easily. If it thinks anyone that it sees for the first time as its mother then Clare will get herself another ally.

With the new type of awakened being, I feel like Claymore manga will be even longer than I originally expected since it is hard to predict how the story will go. I am not really worried that I will get bored because the story just keeps getting interesting. Now, if there is only a Season 2 then it would be even better ^^