After my previous double date Asa-senpai at harbour front couple weeks ago, Sakura had demanded me to take her out for a date and as a sign of jealousy, she wouldn’t let me to take her pictures until I do so. Not only that, since she is competing with Asa-senpai, she also wanted me to take her for a trip to Niagara Falls. She had never been there apparently ^^;; and t0 my surprise, she didn’t mind tagging along with my family who happened to be going to Niagara Falls as well. When we arrived at Niagara Falls, she told that she would keep her promise and let me take some pictures of her while enjoying the scenery of Niagara Falls . She was very excited since it’s her first time her and told me to hurry up and take some pictures of her. She was demanding, wasn’t she ?   but she kept her promise and let me took some pictures of her.


She likes Niagara Falls so much that she wanted to have her pictures taken using Niagara Falls as the background.


This figure was released back on February 2007 so it’s quite an old figure considering the amount of figures being released every year. I barely remember when I bought this figure, although, I do think it was last year when I just started collecting figures. One thing that I am not sure of is the scale. It states that it’s 1/6 but the figure itself is more like 1/8 than 1/6 because 1/6 figures that I have are much bigger than this one. If there is a life size Sakura, she must be a pretty tiny girl ^^.



After along walk along the falls, Sakura and I went to a nearby park. She was little bit wet from the water falls but I was not really worried because her uniform is fully waterproof ^^ , although, I was hoping it’s not if you guys know what I meant ^^.




This is one of my favorite picture of her among others. The flowers background and some leafs beside her seemed to fit her image nicely


This would be my favorite picture of her. The angle is just perfect and the flowers match with her eyes colour and hair colour.




Browse through all pictures using the slideshow below ^^


I am not sure if it is because I have been getting too many figures from Alter or GSC but I started noticing the different quality in particular, the paint job. I may be biased but other manufactures seemed not to be not as good as  Alter or GSC, the attention to details are great and beyond expectation.. As for this figure, the paint job is pretty good but I don’t like her eyes and face for some reasons. I don’t think her face looks closed enough to Sakura in the anime/eroge version (I am justbeing nitpicked here). As a typical Griffon’s figure, this figure comes with a clear based and her name + series engraved on top it. I didn’t bother to bring it because it’s pretty much a hindrance during outdoor photo shoot. She is a 2-part figures as you can separate her top and her bottom part. Other than her eyes + hair, her uniform is nicely painted and her socks adds a moe factor(I think) to her.

During the photoshoot ( not exactly a photo session but it’s more like I took pictures as I walked ), I was kinda in hurry especially the ones with Falls’ background because the wind was quite strong so I was really worried that the wind might blow my figure away >.> . The funny thing is that my mom was more worried about the figure that I was lol ^^;; and she told me to hurry up and took some photos. Even though I took a lot of photos with the Falls’ background, unfortunately, only some of them turned at least decent because the rest is too bright. One thing that I found really annoying about outdoor photoshoot is the fact when the result on the screen of your camera and on your computer is totally different. I couldn’t measure if the result is too bright or too dark (damn sun) on the screen.

Manufacturer : Griffon Enterprise Inc.

Scale : 1/6

Series : Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

Character : Matou Sakura

Released Date : February 2007

Camera : Nikon D40 with stock 18-55mm lens

Price : Couldn’t remember where I got her and for how much -_-;; 5,600 Yen at HLJ

Location : Niagara Falls

Previous photo shoot: here (my old photoshoot back in February 2008)


Image via Gelbooru

Last but not least, Happy Mothers Day