My parent and my sister flew to Canada from Indonesia to visit me so it’s nice to see them again. The last time I saw time was last year when I went back home. They come to visit me at least once a year, although, sometimes, I visit them instead. Since they have been to Toronto, Canada for couple times, we kinda ran out of place to visit ,however, after some discussions ( more like they left it up to me ), we decided to pay a visit to Niagara Falls for the xth time.

Having a car is really convenient and flexible because instead of taking a bus to go there, I just drive down there instead ^^.  We left quite early on Saturday morning around 9pm and before entering the highway, we made a stop at McDonalds for breakfast (mmm delicious) and 12-pack of bottle of water.


If you ever planning to visit Niagara falls,  I would recommend to stay at one of the hotels near the falls along Fallsview Blvd as you can see on the map above. Above is one of the hotels, Embassy Suites, which is located on Fallsview Blvd. Note that you are booking for a falls view room, it will be more expensive than a city view room.



Sheraton Fallsview was the hotel where we were staying for one night. They have really nice rooms and queen size beds so if you are going with you friends and family, you should be able to fit 5-6 people. The parking was reasonably priced as it was $20 and you can go in and out as many as you want during your stay.



The hotel entrance.


The lobby of the hotel looks elegant and luxurious (it came with the price tag I guess ^^;;).


The view from outside the hotel where we were staying is awesome. At the time like this, I wish I have a fish-eye lens for wide angle purpose ^^;; (one day hopefully).






The white dots in above pictures are actually sea gulls ^^. I guess they love hanging out by the falls.



It looked there were a party going on the boat because I heard them singing very loudly. Party = Alcohol. I wish they invite me ^^;;



During spring, there are not many tourist in comparison to summer. As you can see, it was not as crowded as I expected it would be. I also noticed quite a few camera enthusiasts carrying a DSLR camera ^^.


The bridge in the picture above is called a Rainbow bridge. I don’t think I need to explain it why it’s called a ‘Rainbow Bridge’. The bridge connects US and Canada. I personally think that the view of the falls from Canada side is better than the US side ^^.




For lunch, we went to this restaurant called Falls Minor dining lounge. My roommate recommends it to me before we left to Niagara Falls. There is nothing that I love more than home-made food and this restaurant definitely fits in that category.



We all ordered an ice tea for drink and they served it with this unique glass/cup. It looks like something that you usually use to put jams in side (can’t remember what it is called ^^;;). The taste is average but I love it because it’s not to so sweet.


My mom and sister shared a plate and they ordered 4 pieces of chicken which came with 2 sides. They chose fries and caesar salad. Do no think that the fries are the one from those frozen ones sold at a supermarket. This is  home-made fries. There is a distinctive taste between home-made one and the frozen one IMHO.


Meanwhile, I ordered 3 pieces of chicken with fries and baked beans on the sides. The baked beans were delicious ^^. Overall , it was a great trip and I enjoyed the time with my family. I am looking forward to go to Niagara Falls again and stop by at Falls Manor. The food is friggin awesome.


Since my sister does not mind to have her picture posted in my blog so there she is in ‘narcistic’ mode. Even though I went to Niagara Falls with my family, I still brought a figure with me and my Saber Lion nendo ^^ so look forward to my next photoshoot post. Here is a little bit of preview. When I was taking pictures, I got some people watching me with the usual weird look on their face ^^;;.