My recent loot from March and April is Yami from To Love Ru and Holo from Spice Wolf both by Good Smile Company. Yami costs me 5,881 Yen + 3,200 Yen for shipping. On the other hand, I got Holo for 6,785 Yen + 2,400 shipping. For some reasons, the shipping is cheaper and it may have something do with the shipping revision that Hobby Search did. Yep, that’s right, 1 figure per month and I have nothing coming this month, although, I will have 2 figures in August, Fate and Black Rock Shooter where both cost me arms and legs. Ugh so not looking forward to

I am trying really hard to save $$$ to get my own place (still living on someone’s basement currently ^^;; and planning to move out) but impulse buying always gets the best of me every time. Maybe I should bring lunch to work save $$$ even more ^^;;. Hopefully I can control myself during Anime North convention this month.