Image via Gelbooru

Image is totally unrelated but everyone seems to adore Mio Akiyama from K-ON! ^^. Anyways, some small layout changes and additions as you may already notice:

  • 5 latest posts in the header from Anime, Figures, Events and Otaku category.
  • Remove the Day/Month on the left side beside the post title and put it right under Author name.
  • Move RSS feed links to top right corner of the header.
  • Add ‘Links’ page and remove the it from the home page.

To do list ( When I am not lazy ):

  • Display list of posts on the homepage with thumbnails-like.
  • Display RSS feed for fellow bloggers randomly in the links page.
  • Redesign the whole website (sometime in the future >.>).
  • Increase the width for the post column so I can display somewhat larger images.


  • Add rss feed link for each latest post category (you guys should see the rss icon right beside category name)