I spent sometimes this morning to upgrade my very outdated wordpress 2.5.1 to wordpress 2.7.1 after a year since my last upgrade. The upgrade was pretty much painless and it took me about 1 hour from backing up my wordpress files and database to fully up and running with wordpress 2.7.1. I did one small mistake which was to deactivate all my plugins before I upgraded but luckily, all plugins seemed to be working fine (keeping my finger crossed). I followed exactly the WordPress’ guide for upgrading which can be found here.

The new design on the admin section is a lot nicer from before and I think it’s much easier to go from one page to the other. I haven’t played around with it much but I love the ‘Posts’ section since it utilizes the full screen of my monitor unlike before. I can easily see huge portion of my post ^^.

Anyways, let me know if you guys encountered some problems.