As you all probably already know that I can never resist the temptation of getting any anime girl figures with a sword and the two figures above are no exception ^^. Kaori Kanzaki 1/8 by Kotobukiya (Yes I know it’s Koto but she has a sword, Koto or not does not matter to me ^^) so it should be interesting to find out if Koto does a good job on this one. Other figure is Clare from Claymore by MegaHouse. It’s pretty old figure but was re-released again last month.

I got Kanzaki Kaori for 6,460 yen and Clare for 5,225 yen from Hobby Search. Not a bad price for both but with the currency rate these days, they become quite expensive. Not to mention the cost of shipping and border fee. /sigh >.> Are you guys cutting back on your figure/figma spending during this recession ?

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Meanwhile, I have been preparing for my next photo shoot. Check out who she is by clicking on read more.


The lovely Caren Hortensia 1/8 by Alter which I purchased back in December at DTAC ^^