Anime Expo finally has its online pre-registration available at their website. You can read more about it here. Through their online pre-registration , you can buy 4-day ticket for $50 and get a free main event ticket on which I chose the Morning Musume concert if you book a hotel room through their system.

When I booked mine, only Westin Bonaventure hotel was available and the rates was US$145 per night for staying from July 2nd to July 5th. They also required US$165 deposit ^^;;. You would not be able to book the hotel directly as I already tried. When I called one of the hotels nearby LA convention centre, I was redirected to group sales manager who then proceeded to tell me that she couldn’t book me a room and I had to wait until AX had their online reservation up and running.

Max occupancy of the room is 4 person so if any fellow comrades is planning to come and does not have a place to stay yet, I am willing to share 😀 (save me some $$$ for figures lol).