Local anime community in Guelph took an extra effort to bring anime convention to their town. Travelling to Toronto for an anime convention can be a pain and a lot of hassles especially if you don’t have a car . Not to mention cost of accomodation can be pretty steep for those who are tight on budget and especially since majority of con goers are still in highschool. Obviously, you would rather spend all your money on merchandise instead of accommodation, right ? ^^

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It was Guelph first con ever as far as I can recall and it’s nice and quiet. I arrived there around 9:30 am and there had not been many people there yet. From outside , it looked as if nothing was going on in there. As with other small cons, I expected that nothing much is going around. There were 4 separate rooms: events , dealer , showing and panel.


I pretty much spent my time wondering around and watching people playing DDR in the event room .



Around 12 , I went for panel discussion about photography by Amanda + friends (couldn’t remember the names of the other two) who is more well-known as Elemental in Cosplay photo world. She is frequently active in cosplay.com ,her Live Journal and her website.


There were 2 sessions . The first session, she talked about what cosplayers can do to produce good photos and topic covered was ranging from posing to cosplay materials. One tip that really stucked in my head was to avoid materials that can reflect light/flash.


The second session was more focused on the photographer. I was hoping some advice in lighting but then she said she needed another 8 hours for lighting topic alone ^^;; and I had to agree with her considering how much time I spent to play around with my lighting for my photo shoot.


Even though she mostly talked about basic photography, everything was pretty much new to me since I am still learning and I learned about the 1/3 rule about taking a picture.


It somewhat still amazed me but this was probably the first con where I went home with no loot ^^;;. Lack of dealers was probably one of the major reasons and another reason is to cut back on merchandise and save money for Card Captor Sakura Blu-Ray Box Set.