The meet up that we had on Friday was fun and awesome. I got to meet up GNDynames (finally XD) and some new otaku. It would be nice if ETERNAL was there too but that’s ok, we just need to find a way to drag ETERNAL out of his room next time ^^


Despite the success of the meet-up , I was little bit ticked off with the lack of attendance even though there were 41 confirmed guests on the facebook event page. I will start my ranting with a quote what RSVP means:

R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.”


Thus, there were 41 people that replied to the invitation but only 10 people were at the meet-up so it’s barely 1/4 of the total guests. Granted this was not a formal invitation like a wedding but when you selected ‘Attending’ on the facebook page, you were expected to be there.


Please be considerate to the organizer (Rin) and to the restaurant itself because he had to reserve for 41 people and after one hour from the designated time, he had to tell the restaurant that we didn’t need the rest of 30 seats.


Quoted from someone on facebook who made a good point:

At least be like me and cancel a few days in advance! The restaurants will be expecting the confirmed amount and will turn away potential customers so you all can have a seat.

Not having a full reservation is not only is embarrassing for people explaining it to the staff (see Justin and Ron’s comments below) but also a big hit to those working in the restaurant’s income.

Please, have some consideration and honour your word.. Now, with that rant out of the way.. How did it actually go? I wish I could have made it.



Anyways, please forgive me for ranting a little bit. Even though it’s only 10 people, I think whoever was there still got to enjoy this event especially when we all got a prize (courtesy of ACG NA) due to lack of attendance.


The best price was Kagami neno WonFes edition and the lucky person who got it was Litokid. The one that I really wanted was a mug with 2 girls which Trixoptics got it. Lucky him >.>. I am so using this to work if I got the coffee mug.


As for myself, I got a tottee bag with anime characters from multiple series ^^


As usual on every meet-up, we went up for some bowling which I didn’t go so I wonder who won this time. I bet Trixoptics kicked everyone butts in bowling ^^.