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Another Toronto Otaku Meet-up will be held next week Friday and this time, there will be more people. At the time I am writting this post, there are already 23 confirmed guests compare to 7 people for the first meet ^^;;. Next week event will be held at Thee Asian Kitchen which is located on here.

Details are as follows (copied and pasted directly from facebook ):

ACG NA’s Otaku Representative Rin is hosting an Otaku Meet on Feb 20th. The party is a fun chance to meet other otakus or fans of anime, comics and games or people who share the same interest as you. It’s also a great chance to make new friends and learn new stuff of the anime culture and the Japan culture. The meet is to bring together people with similar interest and just have fun and talk about anime, comics, and gaming.

Participants can expect of the following:
– $26 all inclusive all you can eat buffet style food and non-alcoholic drinks
– Optional bowling starts at 10pm $5 per game/ per person + $3 for shoes rental. The bowling price may vary for how many games you want to play. (Pay upon entry)
– Fun chats of anime, comic and gaming.
– Lucky Draws!

Limited seats:
– Seating is limited to a maximum 40 people.
– In order to ensure no double booking will occur, this page is the ONLY place you can reserve yourself a seat.
– One MUST provide accurate RSVP to ensure seating.

* The number of people will help us decide on future meets and locations. This also helps on us to decide if we will hold another meet in the future.

** COSPLAY IS OKAY for this event, but absolutely no weapons of any kind!

***Reserved under ACG NA.

This is an open invitation so if you can make it, please RSVP on the facebook event page.