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Having Chii (Chobits) as your companion/lover may not be too far ahead as one man named Le Trung, a fellow Canadian living in Ontario, tries to fulfill his childhood dream by making a life size gynoid ( robot that looks like a human female). Le was greatly inspired and motivated after watching Chobits so on August 15, 2007, Project Aiko is officially started. Big thanks for my fellow ffxi gamer, Jackie, who told me about this.

He named the gynoid , Aiko (愛子) , which means “beloved one” in Japanese. Aiko will be used for simple tasks such as cleaning, cooking, making coffee / tea or even companions for the elders. His work has become apparent after quite a few public appearance since he started this project. He even made it to CNN recently.

Aiko also made her first U.S. appearance at  New York Anime Festival 2008. For fellow otakus who went there, you might catch a glimpse of Aiko while you were there.

For those who wonder what Aiko’s measurements, here it goes: Height 5 ft Bust: 32” Waist: 23” Hip: 33” and Aiko gains weight every month but her figure stays the same… nice eh ? ^^ .

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If you want to know more about Aiko, please visit her official website :