Ryogi Shiki - 10

A beautiful and elegant figure of Ryogi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai series is presented by Good Smile Company. Once again , they never fail to impress me. The first time,  I saw this figure at Dannychoo , was a love at the first sight. The details on her kimono are just amazing and not to mention the flowers decoration on all over her kimono. I guess the pictures will speak for themselves about how amazing this figure is.

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Ryogi Shiki - 2

Ryogi Shiki - 3

Ryogi Shiki - 4

Ryogi Shiki - 5

Ryogi Shiki - 6

Ryogi Shiki - 7

Ryogi Shiki - 8

Ryogi Shiki - 9

Ryogi Shiki - 17

Ryogi Shiki - 18

Ryogi Shiki - 20

Ryogi Shiki - 21

Ryogi Shiki - 22

Ryogi Shiki - 24

Ryogi Shiki - 25

The last couple photos, I used a white vellum paper as a background and interestingly, it gave pink colour background/reflection from her kimono.

Figure Details

Manufacturer : Good Smile Company

Scale : 1/7

Series : Kara no Kyoukai

Character :Ryogi Shiki

Released Date : November 2008

Camera : Nikon D40 with stock 18-55mm lens

Price : 5,881 Yen at Hobbysearch