Image from Moe Imouto

Len-Vesper, a fellow otaku blogger, came to Toronto on a business trip for few days. I think it becomes our tradition to go out for dinner then bowling right after for our otaku meet up. Check out his adventure with Rin in Toronto on his blog. It was a small meet-up since it’s only 4 people: Me, Rin, Len and Yumyu from Trixoptics but we all had fun ^^. I invited Yumyu to come along since he was really interested in the previous blogger meet up but couldn’t make it.


It’s bowling time.


Len had to change his nickname because it couldn’t accommodate his otakuness ^^;;. He tried to pu vesperdesudesu but failled.


Not sure why buy I always went first.



Yumyu in action. I believe in his previous life, he is a pro-bowler.


GSC mascot that Len got from Danny when he went to Japan kept us company through out our meet-up.


I did pretty bad in the last round and Gutter was my special ^^;;



After bowling, we went to Tim Horton just to chill and chit-chat but we had to call it short because Len had to catch the subway to go back to his hotel since the last subway leaves at 1:30 from Finch station.

All in all, it was meeting Len and Yumyu. Hope we can do it again in the near future ^^. Len and Rin has probably more pictures about the meet-up so check their blog ^^.