University of Waterloo, Architecture campus.

Cambridge is a small city located 80 km West of Toronto and don’t be mistaken for Cambridge in UK since they are nowhere near each other. Total population is only 120,000 people so it’s a small city in comparison to ~4 Million people in Toronto. I’ve never been to Cambridge before so I was willing to drive and help my friend moving from Toronto back to Cambridge since she was in Toronto for her work term only.


One of the lab for architecture students to do their work and my friend was busy preparing her desk.

We went for a quick visit to University of Waterloo campus because my friend needed to drop some stuff preparing for this semester and she needed to put her name on one of the desk in the lab.


Another view of the room. It’s empty and quite on Saturday evening, although, it will be full of students next week.



Not sure what this is big hall for and totally no idea why there is a toilet seat there. Randomness ftw.


This would be perfect for photoshoots with figures/figmas/nendos and I am planning to ask my friend to lend me one of her projects ^^




Nice views just outside the campus.


You guys would never believe how happy I was when I saw this free parking sign up to 2 hours as there is no such thing in Toronto ^^;; and it’s in downtown. Is parking fee expensive in your area ?


Cambridge is surely one quiet city.


Photos were taken with my crappy iPhone camera ^^.