My roommates and I organized a Christmas party this year. For the last 4-5 Christmas, I spent it with my family since my parents and sister usually come to visit me every year , however, this time, I got to spend it with my friends. Not to mention, my friend from Windsor and his brother also came to visit me so it was a lot of fun.


Originally, I limited the amount of people to 10 due to lack of space since we don’t really have a living room but it went up to 17 in total. I’ve never seen that many people at my place before ^^;;. Just need a little bit of arranging here and there and we all are good to host the party.


To make things easier, everyone needs to bring something which can be anything(food/drinks/desserts) to the party. Nothing is better than home made food and I am lucky to have roommates that knows how to cook ^_^.


Our place is so full of people that night and everyone seemed to be enjoying their food ^^. I hid all my friends’ face for privacy purpose.


After dinner, we did a gift exchange game. Too bad, not everyone joined in , otherwise, it would be even better ^^. I got a box of chocolate and flashlight.



The whole gang made a pose near our Christmas tree.


After the party, all of us made a short trip to the above house in Thornhill area  which is decorated with lights. There were a quite long line up to see the house and it’s quite well known in Toronto area.



Donations are accepted and passed onto local charities.


I had a really great Christmas party this year (would have been perfect if my family is here) and looking forward to the new year. So how’s everyone Christmas ?  Good ? Boring ? Normal ? Did you get a lot of gifts this year ?