Toronto is hit with a really bad snow storm and many delays everywhere as far as public transport goes so I was kinda worried that no one would be able to make it. I arrived around 8pm and I was the last one to arrive. Due to snow, I had to drive really slow. Better safe than sorry ^^.

We had only 7 people there which was really great considering the weather condition. So there were Me (Saku), Rin, ETERNAL, Litokid, Calvin, Howard and Momo. The last 3 are Rin’s friend and I met them couple of times already during anime convention. GNdynames was going to come but his parents had a different plan for him ^^;;

We went for hot pot which was awesome to have during this cold season and went for bowling afterward. Full details and more photos can be read at Rin’s blog.


I sucked so bad during 1st round but Rin made me feel all better by being the last spot ^^. During this round, Rin was a gutter specialist :P. On the other hand, ETERNAL apparently has a hidden abilities of proffesional bowler so we may see him in the next 10 years in international bowling tournaments.


On second run, we did speed bowling and some reasons everyone did worse than before while Rin and I took the spotlight. Rin could have won if he didn’t mess up his last round.

At the end of our otaku meet up, we exchange phone numbers and email addresses. ETERNAL even has a personal card which is pretty cool.


I removed ETERNAL’s real name for privacy purpose ^^;;


All in all, it was fun to meet fellow otakus and bloggers in the area and looking forward to do more similar events in the future. Thanks to everyone for coming especially Litokid who lives quite far away from the location.

Photos are courtesy of Rin who took all pictures except the last two