Line up for registration and the dealer room

December Toronto Anime con is a one-day convention held in Metro Toronto Convention Centre which is the same place where Fan Expo 2008 was held. Despite of being a one-day convention, many people actually came and I was guessing that there were more people there than at Dot-con.


Dealer Room

One of the reasons may be because a lot of students just finished their final exams and they need to chill out and relax after the dreaded final exams (I hope everyone did well and good luck for those who are about to write their final exams), although, many still study for their final exams like GNDynames for example.



Adorable ^^

Quite a few cosplayers wore a santa outfit so it gave a christmas feeling to the whole convention. There were not much going on at the convention. Rin went to the Anime that tune game show and he won. Too bad I missed it since I arrived half an hour late at the con and I went straight to the dealer room for some scoutings.


Rainy Day for Toronto

As someone who went to anime conventions a lot, I couldn’t help but see so many familiar faces at the con and some of them even remembered me lol. I did the usual routine: wandering around and looking for cosplayers to take pictures off.


Always love Card Captor Sakura cosplayer


Great cosplay of Nel from Bleach


^^; chose a wrong white balance on my DSLR so this picture turned out crappy -_-;;. She is a hottie ^^.


My other favorite cosplayer, Allen (Clown Form) from D.Gray-man


Too cute not to take a photo of ^^


Not sure what character she was cosplaying for but it looks awesome.




Another great D.gray-man cosplay, Kanda.


Sakura from Card Captor Sakura.

Loot of the day


Gorgeous wall scroll of Lenalee. It’s rare to see her in other outfit aside from the exorcist one.


Caren Hortensia from Alter ^^